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The Stock Market Today: What To Know On January 28, 2020

After one of the biggest routs in quite some time, Wall Street looks set to open higher on Tuesday. Fueled by earnings and subsiding coronavirus fears, S&P Futures seem to be pointing to a green open.

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How Should You Trade Netflix Stock After The Earnings

For a long time, Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) had been the undisputed king of the video streaming space, but over the past two quarters, it received some jolts, and new competition emerged as well. On Tuesday, the company released its financial results for the fourth quarter, and the streaming giant seems to have come back on track quite strongly.

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2 Biotech Stocks Making Big Moves

When it comes to making an intelligent investment, investors need to follow certain sectors that are generating strong growth. In that regard, the biotech sector should certainly be on the radars of most investors. However, the investor needs to watch the market closely in order to make his mind up. Here is a look at two biotech stocks that could be tracked at this point.

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