I am of the persuasion that you can eat what you want, so long as it’s in moderation. For example, let’s assume, for the moment, that you want nothing more than to sink your teeth into a juicy, tender Double-Double (animal style) with well-done French fries from In N’ Out, I give you full permission to do so. If this delectable meal becomes your breakfast, lunch, and dinner then we start to have an issue, my friend. Keep in mind that the key to eating healthfully is simply eating well. Make sure you cook everything you eat if you can manage to control that portion of your life. Also, while we’re at it, don’t eat food while watching television. Studies have shown that we tend to overeat when we stuff our face while watching reruns of the Office. Sit down at the table like a normal person and take your time with every bite. 

Well, here’s what you missed in the news yesterday. 

And The Plot Continues To Thicken

As special counsel Robert Mueller continues down the long and lonesome road of his ongoing probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election, he consistently finds himself to find one roadblock after another. Whether its potential pardons of key witnesses offered by President Donald Trump, or friends of the president recusing themselves, it just seems like this investigation may never come to a head. 

On Tuesday, Roger Stone, President Trump’s longtime political ally elected to plead the Fifth Amendment when he was asked to share documents and testimony with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, according to Politico.

“Mr. Stone’s invocation of his Fifth Amendment privilege must be understood by all to be the assertion of a Constitutional right by an innocent citizen who denounces secrecy.”

Grant Smith, Roger Stone’s Lawyer

Where’s The Beef?

But seriously, everyone wants to know what in the name of Dumbledore’s beard is going on with America’s agricultural framework. Just last week romaine lettuce was placed on red alert, and the United States Department of Agriculture told every restaurant to stop serving romaine lettuce. Luckily for me, I consider myself to be more of an arugula man, myself, but nevertheless, it has been difficult. 

On Tuesday, the Department of Agriculture announced yet another recall, but this time it applied to over twelve million pounds of “non-intact” raw beef products after 250 people across 26 different states have been infected with salmonella. 

As for the culprit behind the distribution of the bad beef, JBS Tolleson, Inc, based out of Arizona, is being held responsible for the recent reports of beef-related salmonella. 

“Traceback has identified JBS as the common supplier of the ground beef products. The epidemiological investigation has identified 57 case-patients from 16 states with illness onset  dates ranging from August 5 to September 6, 2018.” 

Official Statement from USDA

Let Them Play

I’m not sure how this even came about but the small town of Severance, Colorado, recently banned all snowball fights indefinitely. What monster would ban such a fan activity? This seems like the type of town that would probably resonate with the town from Footloose. Anyway, Dane Best, a 9-year-old fought the ban in court and successfully overturned the ban on Tuesday.

“Today’s kids need reasons to play outside. Research suggests that a lack of exposure to the outdoors can lead to obesity, ADHD, anxiety, and depression.”

Dane Best 

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