There is something inexplicably powerful about chicken noodle soup. No one knows the true origin of this elixir of life, but its abilities far exceed that of man. I remember a story a wise man once told me about a boy born with the common cold. For anyone else, this is nothing to be concerned about but given that he was a baby, it was very serious.

Doctors were baffled, medical experts left in awe, and the boys parents simply wanted him to get better. Then, a man entered the town with nothing to his name but a large stock pot. He approached the town people and said, “do not ask me where I came from or what I am doing here, but I think this will help.” Surely enough, the man poured the boy a bowl of soup. The boy drank slowly, and within minutes he was feeling better. 

If you don’t believe me, that’s alright. Here’s what you missed in the news yesterday…

India Could Be The Key

Take a trip to India and you’ll see a country with beautiful people, incredible architecture, a cultural paradise. But if you look closer you’ll see remnants of the harmful caste system still very much at play. Thousands of years ago, Hindus were divided into hierarchical groups based on their karma (work) and dharma (religion). For centuries, the caste system dictated every aspect of an individual’s life, with rural communities at the bottom, and the wealthy at the top. 

Though they are not proud to admit it, India still has lasting effects of this stratifying system, and we can see that based on the country’s economic present, as well as its future. Analysts believe that India possesses great entrepreneurial potential for several reasons, namely because of its massive tech support industry which has assisted consumers with product-related issued for two decades. In his newest book, James Crabtree, argues that India presently faces a triple threat of “inequality and the new super-rich, crony capitalism, and the travails of the industrial economy.” 

“When I lived in in Mumbai, there was a big tech investment wave in the after wave of the Alibaba IPO. There were these great hopes that India would follow the sort of hockey stick growth” seen in China. Yet, the country’s demographics don’t back that up. India has a tiny middle class — 10-20 million using a reasonable definition of the term “middle class.” That group is simply not large enough to support the valuation dreams underpinning some of India’s most-discussed unicorns. Growing users is really easy, but growing revenues is just much more challenging.”

James Crabtree, Financial Times 

Not So Fast, President Trump

As we’ve seen in the media over the past few months, President Donald Trump has pulled out all of the stops to get a wall built along the US-Mexico border. Naturally, members of the Legislative branch of government have expressed stark opposition to President Trump’s decision to declare a national state of emergency along the border. 

On Tuesday, the House successfully voted to overturn President Trump’s declaration, with the passing vote being 245-182, in favor. 

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