I can tell you that there’s nothing worse in this world than falling prey to the flu. It’s the type of thing that has the power to give you unimaginable aches whilst also allowing your body temperature to reach immeasurable levels. Yes, you could say that chicken noodle soup is quite the delicacy, and sure you could say that taking the time you need to rest is helpful for all parts of the body, but is it worth it?

Though no one knows the true origin of the first cold victim, this person has wrought havoc on innocent civilians for far too long. In fact, I propose that we find the person responsible for this and bring them to justice. That way, we can feel better about finding the cause, and hopefully the cardio will help us break our fevers. 

Make your you blow your nose, and here’s what you missed in the news yesterday. 

Juul Operator, Juuuuul Operator 

Suffice to say that smoking has lost much of its glitz and glamor, but tobacco addiction remains alive and well, and has recently taken the form of beautifully crafted, USB-looking device called a “Juul.” Juul Labs Inc., a San Francisco-based company, is responsible for the creation of the aptly named  “Juul” e-cigarette. For those unfamiliar with the name of the product, I can almost guarantee you’ve seen someone using one of these devices in the club or sneakily taking a puff in line at the DMV. The Juul has become something of a cultural sensation among the younger crowds because users can justify its healthier nature compared to cigarette smokers. 

The founders of Juul, James Monsees and Adam Bowen, were two Stanford University students who were fed up with a lack of qualitative alternatives to cigarettes. In their original presentation in 2004, Monsees and Bowen claimed that the issue with cigarettes, aside from the obvious harm to one’s health, was that the act of smoking was offensive to others. Many years later, Juul Labs has done its part to develop products designed to help smokers break their habits, while also investing $30 million in youth prevention, deleting its social media, as well as working to enforce stricter age verification for online sales. 

“Underage use is an issue we desperately want to resolve. It doesn’t do us any favors. Any underage consumers using this product are absolutely a negative for our business. We don’t want them. We will never market to them. We never have. And they are stealing life years from adult cigarette consumers at this moment, and that’s a shame.”

James Monsees, co-Founder, Juul Labs 

Oh, So That’s What It Looks Like To Be Thrown Under The Bus

You heard it here second, folks. President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, testified in front of the House Oversight Committee, and man, did he spill the alleged beans. Amidst his words, Cohen told the members of the Committee that the President told him to pay hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels, and that he is a racist, as well as other words I’ll refrain from using because this is a kid’s show. 

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