Everyone has had those days where they would love nothing more than to eat a whole birthday sheet-cake. But you know what they say, abs are made in the kitchen. So needless to say, I will be making gluten free cookies after eating my 4th grilled chicken and veggie dinner this week. Side note, I got new glasses this week but they gave me my 85 year old neighbor’s prescription instead. So, I’m going to test them out at the diner down the block during the early bird special.

Diners are great. You’re in the mood for a big salad? They got it. You want eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns? They got it. You want a slice of apple pie? Yep you guessed it, they got it. They also have comfy booths where you squish in at 2am with your 10 friends after a night of drinking. Martha your favorite waitress always greets you with a “hello sweet cakes” and you know its going to be a good meal. 

Feeling hungry? Here’s what you missed in the news yesterday. 

Israel’s Got Indictment 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, or as the kids say “Bibi,” is facing several indictment charges relating to bribery and breach of trust-related offenses following three separate corruption investigations. While I could rant about how politicians are the first on my list to assume foul play is occurring, I’ll avoid that rabbit hole. The announcement of Bibi’s indictment comes months before Israel’s general election, where he is up for reelection after four terms in office. 

According to several sources, Netanyahu’s key opponent in the upcoming elections, former military Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, has called for Bibi’s resignation ahead of the April general election. 

“Because of the circumstances which have arisen, sitting in a future government with Benjamin Netanyahu is not something which is on the table. Benjamin Netanyahu — I turn to you this evening. Get over yourself and show national responsibility. Resign from your position. If you prove that you are innocent, you can return to the public realm and again lead your movement.”

Benny Gantz, former military Chief of Staff

One of the first cases being brought against Netanyahu is referred to as Case 1000 which seeks to charge Bibi with breach of trust. According to Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, Case 1000 suggest that Netanyahu received illegal gifts from suspicious overseas characters totaling approximately $280,000, “including cigars, champagne, jewelry and more.” Mandelblit says that exchanges occurred between 2007 and 2016, and in exchange for these gifts, Netanyahu told his “friends” he would give them illegal tax breaks. 

Diseases A Plenty 

According to recent reports from data calculated by UNICEF on 194 countries from the World Health Organization, global measles cases are up 48.4%. The disease is more prevalent in children and can be fatal if left unchecked. As far as the driving forces for the increase in measles, medical experts saying countries with poor health infrastructure, low awareness, civil disorder, and namely a backlash against vaccinations. I am not sure what person said it was okay to stop vaccinating children, given their is no science to back up these claims, but here we are. 

“These cases haven’t happened overnight. Just as the serious outbreaks we are seeing today took hold in 2018, lack of action today will have disastrous consequences for children tomorrow.”

-Henrietta H. Fore, UNICEF’s executive director

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