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There Is No World Without Security & These 4 Companies Are Pushing To Strengthen It

The world has become a much safer place as technology has advanced. However, events like 9/11 or other terrorist attacks around the world show people are not always safe. This is the reason security stocks and defense companies continue to grow. As more threats arise, it’s important to focus on new companies working to solve those new threats.

We’ve begun to see more unrest globally. The stock market and stock prices for some of the mainstream stocks are getting hit. More investors are vying to shift their focus and build a list of defense and security stocks to buy. One thing to keep in mind: threats aren’t just in foreign countries. Here are 4 security stocks to watch amid this period of global threat.

Security Stock #1: Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. (SCAN.V)

Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. (SCAN.V) is a security technology company bringing about revolutionary changes in the way we mitigate dangers. Through their 3D imaging product known as HEXWAVE, security teams can identify almost any potential threats with extremely low error. The technology product is fast, non-intrusive, and is applicable in almost any public area to prevent any bad scenario.

The company recently made significant strides to get its product on shelves. Liberty completed the transfer of their array antennas from MIT to their Center of Excellence in Atlanta. The antennas are the first major subsystem for Liberty’s HEXWAVE product because they establish detection spaces.

This news accompanies prior news that Liberty would be beta testing HEXWAVE with FC Bayern München well. In order to truly start testing HEXWAVE, Liberty must continue to make advancements with its subsystems like the antennas. In addition, tests with FC Bayern München will provide strong insight as their arena seats 75,000 people.

Security Stock #2: Mission Ready Solutions Inc. (MRS.V) (MSNVF)

Mission Ready Solutions Inc. (MRS.V) (MSNVF) is a defense company that creates and sells equipment for those who need it. They offer gear to the military, law enforcement, and first responders. The company recently received a CA$22.3 million contract from the Defense Logistics Agency through one of its subsidiaries, Unifire Inc.

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“The momentum that continues to build speaks to the dedication and tenacity of our newly-energized team of self-starters who are raising the bar and exceeding targets through a shared passion for success and a clear understanding of the Company’s strategic direction.”

Jeffery Schwartz, CEO and President of Mission Ready

Security Stock #3: VirtualArmour (VAI.CN) (VTLR)

VirtualArmour (VAI.CN) (VTLR) is a cybersecurity company who’s concentrated on managed security services. They provide security services to several Fortune 500 companies ranging from presale consulting to industry-leading hardware.

The company has been making strong advancements both internally and financially throughout June 2019. VirtualArmour has promoted Tianyi Lu to VP of Product Development which was a very strong decision. The move was internal.

It proved Tianyi has a great understanding of the company and how to help it succeed. In addition, VirtualArmour raised its revenues to $3.5 million, gross profit jumped 2.4%, and its contract value increased $2.9 million.

Security Stock #4: Patriot One Technologies (PAT.TO) (PTOTF)

Patriot One Technologies (PAT.TO) (PTOTF) is a security solutions company primarily driven to improve active shooter scenarios. Patriot One has made active shooter preventing better and cost-effective. The company utilizes their PATSCAN Cognitive Microwave Radar to deter, detect, and defend against active shooters. They recently added Victoria Calvert to their Board of Directors bringing many decades of experience with her.

“Victoria has an extensive track record of success with over 30 years in international business operations and consulting. I speak for our Board and staff when I say we look forward to working with her as we begin the rollout of our PATSCAN multi-sensor covert threat detection platform on a global scale,” expressed Scott Shepherd, Chairman of Patriot.

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