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In the stock market, investors have been cautious following the massive volatility we’ve seen this quarter.  This can make it very difficult to navigate the waters of the stock market. is here to help.  Every day we’re sourcing the most actionable insight on market sentiment and to date, we’ve done a very good job of finding out the real story behind Wall Street headlines.  We’ve cut through a lot of the “proverbial crap” that unfortunately other financial outlets find a need to add to their commentary.

The long and short of it is this: We’ve been building a great site and have been paying very close attention to what the market (and investors) like right now. So in true fashion, we think it’s fitting to connect the dots for our subscribers and loyal readers.

What does that actually mean? Well, right now attention seems to be focused on one particular sector of the market and within that sector, there’s a particular niche that we feel has been targeted as a new opportunity for investors and we want to connect the dots for you. To put it in simpler terms, let’s post these questions:

  1. If someone were to tell you to pay attention to a small company called Turtle Beach (HEAR) a year ago, would you have listened? That stock was trading around $2 but anyone with access to a time machine today would gladly go back and take a second look after seeing shares of HEAR hit $34.50 this year & currently trade above $17 even with the market volatility.
  2. Or even better, what if you had known about Tandem Diabetes Care (TNDM) when it was trading under $3 earlier this year? Well, we’re sure that if you knew how to connect the dots during the first quarter, you would have been ahead of the curve before Tandem jumped to more than $50 a share.
  3. CareDx (CDNA) was trading under $6 this year but those who read between the lines are looking at a stock now trading above $25 and one that has seen highs of nearly $30 and it hasn’t even been a full year yet.
  4. How about this one for those doubters of stocks under $1: 3Pea International was only $0.75 on January 25 and was barely trading any daily volume. Today, those who connected the dots back then would see a position that’s now up by more than 400% in less than 8 months.
  5. And another “penny stock,” NII Holdings (NIHD) was trading under $0.50 at the beginning of the year. It has since managed to reach highs of $7.29 and currently trades above $6 per share; a potential windfall of more than 1,600%.

But why mention these companies that media outlets such as CNBC or Fox Business aren’t talking about? Simple, THEY AREN’T TALKING ABOUT THEM and mainstream investors are missing out in a big way.

Sure we could be like everyone else and point out how people could have made big money on Amazon 10 years ago or Apple over 30 years ago but let’s get real here, when it comes to the market, who wants to wait that long when you can clearly see that 500%, 1,000%, and even 1,600%+ moves aren’t as uncommon as you may think…

You just need to be able to connect the dots early and be ready for the ride as we’ve seen above. Now, we’re a new site but we’ve been in the markets for a very long time and we can say & show you countless examples like these.  The companies that aren’t mainstream and maybe even trade on light volume early on. But as you can clearly see just from these few examples, the snowball effect is a real thing and connecting the dots early on can be the difference between a Ford F150 and a Ferrari F12.

What if there was an opportunity to see these companies at those levels; what would you do if the dots were connect for you?  The obvious answer (in my opinion) would be “I would definitely buy”. A small investment at a price like these would be absolutely life changing at today’s prices, let alone at the 2018 highs that these stocks have seen over the last 10 months.

Within the next few days, we are going to introduce and connect the dots on one company that has just come to light with a very strong team, recent news, all coupled with a similar vision and groundbreaking technology that is on the bleeding edge of a major industry shift. In looking at the share structure, stock price, and market cap, this company looks like it could have what it takes to captivate the public. 

We pride ourselves in finding companies that have staying power and longevity, not just a simple “one-day wonder”. We live, breathe, eat, sleep the stock market so sit back, relax, and let us do the dirty work because we are just getting started and will be connecting the dots on a new public company in the very near future. 

Consider this your “heads up.

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  1. This coming from a site that paid to advertise their companies??? If this were the case, “Every day we’re sourcing the most actionable insight on market sentiment and to date, we’ve done a very good job of finding out the real story behind Wall Street headlines.” YOU WOULDNT HAVE TO BE PAID TO WRITE ARTICLES!

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