Suffice to say that the dating world has changed significantly over the course of the last few generations. That’s not to say that falling in love feels different, but more so the steps one takes to find that special someone as well as the vehicles for which they use to discover such people. Thousands of years ago, when life was primitive albeit simple, a male would simply choose a mate and club them over the head and take them back to their cave.

Experts say this was the first instance of chivalry in the history of humankind. After years of recognizing that all people were created equal and can love equally, the game has changed. In recognition of the development of modern technologies, someone thought it brilliant to use modern tech to take dating into the 21st century. 

Enter the era of the dating app, a period of time few were prepared for but everyone has since adopted quite well. The first real dating experience turned digital took place on a website called (MTCH), a company which has since gone public. Match users would create profiles and connect with other singles in the area. After awhile, online dating developed a bad reputation because a few unsavory characters did what they do best and made the whole system solidly creepy. Flash forward several years and Tinder was born. 

Tinder entered the dating game as an app where users swipe “right” or “left” on photos of other people, with each direction indicating a “like” or “dislike” respectively. Naturally, the app evolved into a platform where inebriated frat brothers could find late-night entertainment and women truly tried to use the app for its original intention. Nevertheless, Tinder catalyzed a movement in the dating tech section of the greater tech industry and start-ups started sprouting left and right. 

Bumble arose as a cultural alternative to Tinder. The app was created with a women-centric framework that structured the app around a woman’s right to choose. If a male swiped right on a female, and she swiped on him, it was up to the woman to initiate the conversation. The app instantly took off and became the less-creepy dating app on the market. Tinder remained operable for hook-ups, but Bumble has been lauded as a place to find true love. 

In recognition of their upcoming eminence as a digital brand, Bumble today announced the release of Bumble Mag, a lifestyle magazine made in collaboration with Hearst Publications that has relationship-related content, dating advice, etc…Per the details of their announcement, the magazine is split into four sections, “You First,” “You + BFFs,” “You+Dating,” and “You+Bizz.” The organization of the publication is said to mimic the goals of the Company. 

“Bumble is at the forefront of inspiring women to make connections and take initiative in all aspects of their lives with its positive message of empowerment. The magazine is a perfect example of how HearstMade is changing the face of custom publishing with hyper-targeted content that reflected the brand’s ethos in the most authentic way…”

Brett Hill, Editorial Director, HearstMade

Similarly to the dating scene, how people interact with media and content has dramatically changed over the last few years. Consumers are no longer comfortable with the “one-size-fits-all” approach to products, content, and other aspects of life. Every person is unique and has their own set of likes and dislikes, and consumers expect brands and corporations to recognize this and act accordingly. Given that Bumble’s app was designed to connect its 50 million users to others with similar interests, it makes perfect sense that their magazine should be catered to each and every one of those people. 

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