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At the beginning of the year, electric car manufacturer Tesla (TSLA Stock Price) seemed to be in turmoil after its sales plunged substantially. Although there have been reports over the past month or so about deliveries picking up significantly, investors will be eagerly awaiting the company’s announcement about the delivery data this week.

Tesla (TSLA Stock Price) is known to release delivery data three days after the end of a quarter. Therefore, the report should be delivered by Wednesday at the latest.

Important Upcoming Model 3 Data

Tesla’s most important model is the Model 3. It’s almost certain that most investors are going to be eager about the delivery numbers. The Model 3 deliveries made up as much as 70% of the total deliveries made over the trailing 1 year period. Analysts believe that the Model 3’s importance within the Tesla stable is going to rise was 51,000. This reflected a staggering 522% year on year rise.

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However, on a quarter to quarter basis, it reflected a 20% decline. It had earlier emerged that the company’s CEO had told the employees that the Model 3 was going to have record deliveries in the quarter and hence, investors are waiting for the data with bated breath.


However, if Tesla (TSLA) wants a new record in Model 3 deliveries, it needs to deliver 63,359 or more units. If they are successful in doing so, then it is going to be a stupendous achievement. The quarter to quarter delivery growth in the model would hit 24%, while the year on year delivery growth will stand at a highly impressive 243%. In addition to the delivery data, the investors will also be eager to know about the company’s projections for deliveries in the next quarter.

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