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Gun violence incidents have been happening more frequently than ever to the point that some don’t even make headlines anymore. Since the Sandy Hook shooting there have been at least 2,108 mass shootings. When will someone finally step up and do something to end mass shootings? The answer isn’t politicians as Americans have the right to bear arms of course. If not our politicians, then what, then who?

The answer is small public companies. These companies are coming out with weapon detection technology which will potentially stop mass shootings in public spaces so people can stop being afraid to go to their own school, movie theatre, night club, sporting event, a transportation hub. Decades ago some would say fearing to go to your own school is irrational but unfortunately who could ever foresee the future that we are now living in.

I am not talking about the metal detectors or body scanners at the airports which are completely non-effective. There is an immediate demand for the revolution in weapons detection technologies that we can thank the small, public companies for. Without being extremely tedious and stopping each and every person to check for weapons this technology works from behind the scenes and combines newly immerged technology into innovative solutions to stop mass shootings by scanning crowds completely in order to identify hidden weapons on someone or in a backpack/bag.

Investing in AI

Solutions to stop mass shootings are slowly beginning to unravel into the daily lives of the public. In part, we can thank artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. Artificial intelligence could be defined as being able to consolidate human like intelligence into machines or computers. The two sub levels of artificial intelligence are machine learning and deep learning.

Machine learning allows for a machine to complete tasks based on an algorithm written by humans. Machines learn by themselves in order to provide date and make accurate predictions.

On the other hand, deep learning is the solution to end one of America’s biggest problems. Deep learning identifies patterns and classifies these patterns into numerous levels of information.

Radar Technology

 When thinking about how deep learning can potentially end mass shootings think about wave and radar imaging. It has been around for decades. Walking into a store and the door automatically opens because it detects you walking in is an example as well as police scanners in order for you not to be pulled over.

Thinking as small as the everyday radar technology can allow for you to see the bigger picture and technology now is pushing what these radar waves can potentially do. Advanced systems are allowing for Nanosensors to detect signals that are highly sensitive and operate similarly to biological processes.  

Top 3 Weapons Detection Stocks To Watch

The companies that are standing out today are those that are applying artificial intelligence into their technology. These 3 emerging companies are looking to become the first to end mass shootings.

Liberty Defense Holdings, Ltd. (TSX.V: SCAN)

Liberty Defense (SCAN.V)  has developed a product known as HEXWAVE. Using 3D image technology and ML to scan crows, security checkpoints are no longer needed and can detect threats before they are carried out. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this product can detect metallic and non-metallic threat items.

The company just went public and is still in its testing and development stage. Liberty Defense (SCAN.V)  has secured a license from MIT in addition to a technology transfer agreement for patents related to 3D radar technology. We have yet to see if this technology can work in real life situations but it does have much promise for the future.

What Sets Liberty Defense 
(SCAN.V) HEXWAVE Apart From The Competition?

HEXWAVE is the first practical application of real-time, next-gen 3D imaging.  It uses low power radar energy which helps generate real-time 3D images to detect threat options such as guns, knives, explosives, and other threats through clothing and baggage. This product creates high fidelity, real-time concealed threat images which are assessed using deep learning and AI. Thus alerting security regarding the decision response hierarchy.

HEXWAVE – A Product Integrating A New Wave of Technology

  • Detects metallic and non-metallic threat objects
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor use
  • Covert and overt panel options
  • Real-time accurate detection
  • AI/deep learning enhances sensor fidelity and decision hierarchy
  • Panels can be scaled to provide a deep-layered approach
  • Can be used stand-alone or combined with other security measures

HEXWAVE provides enhanced security options without disrupting the flow of daily life by scanning quickly and unobtrusively. Ideal for use in high traffic areas and a huge leap from the traditional metal detector. 

The demand is present and Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) has already inked two Memorandums of Understanding for beta testing of HEXWAVE, which is expected to commence this year! With Canada’s Rogers Arena, Vancouver’s large-scale venues and Sleiman Enterprises, one of Florida’s largest real estate companies developing and managing malls, hotels, and shopping centers, Liberty Defense (SCAN.V)  has created a strong pipeline of premier customers.

Patriot One Technologies (TSX.V: PAT) (OTCQX: PTOTF)

The first company is Patriot One which has seen profit gains over the past year. Patriot One has developed a three-prong weapons detection system. The first piece of Patriot One is their PATSCAN CMR. Like the radar technology discussed earlier, you can place this technology at certain points in order to identify radio/radar wave emissions in order to fully target concealed weapons.

PATSCAN VRS is Patriot One’s AI and existing camera infrastructure can scan and alert security of any potential threats.

The latest addition to Patriot One is PATSCAN STS. This technology is able to detect and scan potential lethal airborne chemicals and explosives with parts per billion sensitivities. This technology is in tune with the AI system in order to scan and alert possible threats. Patriot One is a major favorite of investors as the company continues to advance.

Plymouth Rock Technologies Inc. (OTC: AXDRF) (CSE: PRT)

The next company is Plymouth Rock who has developed MIRIAD (Millimeter Remote Imaging from Airborne Drone) a compact radio frequency sensor designed specifically for drones to detect weapons in an outdoor environment.

 MIRIAD works by using an ultra-lightweight antenna to capture radar images. The radar images along with HD video uses AI and AR (augmented reality) to indicate any possible concealed threat and its exact location on subjects.

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Plymouth has also come out with Wi-Ti (Wireless Threat Indication) which analyzes Wi-Fi signals that can be altered when they come into contact with concealed threat items. Wi-Ti can detect threat and non-threat items over an area with Wi-Fi.

An even smaller issue Plymouth has solved for the public is a compact radar system for imaging through shoes to detect concealed items. In return, you may no longer need to take off your shoes in airports.

Plymouth is a big investment as there is a huge military and security and search and rescue market for drones. Plymouth is definitely a company for investors to watch.

Looking Into The Future

We live in a world where threats to our safety, both large and small, have impacted the way we as a society live.  Increased security measures are being taken in several aspects of daily life such as entering a school or even a baseball game, often causing large delays.  Worse off, not all current security measures are stopping these threats before they happen.  

With government spending on the rise and global threats increasing, defense and weapons detection stocks hit the radar of many investors. Is now the time to have them on your watchlist as well? 

weapons detection stocks
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