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This New Technology Could Transform A Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry!

Joe Samuel



On an almost daily basis, news coverage shows us that we are living constantly at risk. The U.S Justice Department defines a “mass casualty event” as any occurrence of a mass shooting, bombing, or other crime resulting in multiple fatalities. In 2019, there have already been over 80 US mass shootings[1]. On top of this, we’ve already witnessed more than 2,400 of these incidents since 2013…

…But what if there was a way to help prevent these types of events from taking place?

Taking that into consideration, all signals predict this is potentially a perfect investment opportunity for AI security solutions. Global spending on security solutions is projected to reach $103.1 billion in 2019, an increase of 9.4% over 2017, and is forecast to see growth for the next several years[2]. As an influx of investments comes into AI security solutions, we have found one company positioned to absorb!

“What we’re offering is an attack prevention system. We’re preventing someone with a weapon from entering.”

Aman Bhardwaj, COO of Liberty Defense & President Of US Operations

Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) is A Company With A Solution

Liberty Defense (SCAN.V), a leader in security and weapons detection solutions, is ready to tackle the security challenges in the urban security market with its groundbreaking HEXWAVE product.  Liberty Defense
(SCAN.V) has an exclusive license with MIT and a Technology Transfer Agreement with MIT Lincoln Laboratory for active 3D imaging technology originally developed in the MIT Lincoln Laboratory for weapon detection.

At a time where 100 Americans are killed with guns every single day and hundreds more are shot and injured, according to EveryTown Research[3], this is the time to invest in urban security. After all, what is more, valuable than a life?

What Sets Liberty Defense
(SCAN.V)’s HEXWAVE Apart From The Competition?

HEXWAVE is the first practical application of real-time, next-gen 3D imaging.  It uses low power radar energy which helps generate real-time 3D images to detect threat options such as guns, knives, explosives, and other threats through clothing and baggage. This product creates high fidelity, real-time concealed threat images which are assessed using deep learning and AI. Thus alerting security regarding the decision response hierarchy.

HEXWAVE – A Product Integrating A New Wave of Technology

·   Detects metallic and non-metallic threat objects

·   Designed for indoor/outdoor use

·   Covert and overt panel options

·   Real-time accurate detection

·   AI/deep learning enhances sensor fidelity and decision hierarchy

·   Panels can be scaled to provide a deep-layered approach

·   Can be used stand-alone or combined with other security measures

HEXWAVE provides enhanced security options without disrupting the flow of daily life by scanning quickly and unobtrusively. Ideal for use in high traffic areas and a huge leap from the traditional metal detector. 

The demand is present andLiberty Defense (SCAN.V) has already inked two Memorandums of Understanding for beta testing of HEXWAVE, which is expected to commence this year! With Canada’s Rogers Arena, Vancouver’s large-scale venues and Sleiman Enterprises, one of Florida’s largest real estate companies developing and managing malls, hotels, and shopping centers, Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) has created a strong pipeline of premier customers.

Liberty Defense (SCAN.V)’s All-Star Management

Advancement from the operational to strategic level is a crucial undertaking that all companies must undergo in pursuit of success. The executive leadership team at Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) has the necessary insight to achieve profitable growth and maintain operational systems.

Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) s President Of US Operations and Chief Operating Officer, Aman Bhardwaj, comes with over 20 years of strategic experience and involvement with large multinational startups, such as Panasonic and Flextronics. Bhardwaj’s vast involvement and leading global large-scale companies serve as an invaluable asset to the company.

Bill Riker, the company’s chief executive officer, joined Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) back in August 2018. Since then, Riker has played a key role in establishing the company as an industry leader in the urban security market. Prior to joining Liberty Defense (SCAN.V)’s leadership team, Riker racked up extensive experience in several companies focused on threat detection solutions, and identification of chemical, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats for the global security market and held an executive position in the US Department of Defense.

Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) chief technology officer, Bart Smudde, brings over 30 years of experience to the table in designing, testing and manufacturing electronics products in several markets including military and medical.  Smudde has managed engineering teams for companies including Graco, Landis+Gyr, SignalONE Safety, and Panasonic.

And in early May, 2019, Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) brought on Ron Solanki as VP Operations of its US Subsidiary. Mr. Solanki has held leadership positions with major multi-national global electronics corporations such as Motorola, Panasonic, Flextronics and Hisense. With over 30 years of experience delivering results in high-tech company operations, he’s help build businesses around strategic business management and development, R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, and legal affairs. He has also served on international boards of directors and business & technology advisory boards.

Liberty Defense (SCAN.V)’s Opportunities Ahead For Detection

Specifically, the Weapons Detection Systems Market is forecast to grow from USD $5.3 billion in 2020 to $7.5 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of 8.2%[4].  With the political spotlight focused now more than ever on gun control and public safety, emerging companies in this sector are poised for increased opportunities and growth.

Patriot Tech (PAT.V) (PTOTF), for instance, has generated some buzz lately.  This emerging company has been prequalified for up to CA$1 million from the federal government’s Build in Canada Innovation Program for testing by the Department of National Defense to test its covert weapon detection system[5].  The system uses cognitive microwave radar to detect hidden guns, knives, and other threats.  With the potential for a government to back such technology, if all goes well, this may catalyze opportunity for advancements throughout the sector and Liberty Defense (SCAN.V).

With the potential technology to revolutionize the standards of security, Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) is seeking to become a market leader and take a seat at the table with companies like major government contractor L3 Technologies (LLL) who provides detection and security systems for U.S. Department of Defense, Homeland Security and foreign governments or leading tech innovator Harris Corp. (HRS) which supports government and commercial customers in over 100 countries.  Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) may provide investors with the opportunity to take part in this rapidly growing market early on.

“Currently, there is a significant gap that must be addressed in urban security threat defense. HEXWAVE provides a wider perimeter for early detection beyond just the point solution typically positioned at an entrance of a facility. This essential layer will enable security measures to be proactively deployed to detect a threat before it transitions to an attack condition. Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) can fill this gap,” said Bill Riker, CEO of Liberty Defense (SCAN.V).

A Strategy That Builds Partnerships

In Mid-April, Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) expanded on its strategic initiatives. This includes testing and implementing the company’s HEXWAVE product at major epicenters of security risks. Furthermore, the proposed testing of its product with its Vancouver Arena Limited Partnership will occur at a site to be determined within or near Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC.

In the coming months, we expect to be able to announce a number of key partnerships through our MOU program that will not only help validate the opportunities for this type of technology but also show the depth and reach of the Company and its Advisors.”

Bill Riker, CEO of Liberty Defense (SCAN.V)

To give some perspective on the scope of this opportunity, Rogers Arena is one of the premier sports and entertainment facilities in North America. It has hosted over 25 million fans with a proud legacy of success. Events include NHL hockey games and most of the largest concerts and shows in the city. It was also the site where the Canadian women’s and men’s hockey teams won gold medals during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Can You Detect A Winner?

We live in a world where threats to our safety, both large and small, have impacted the way we as a society live.  Increased security measures are being taken in several aspects of daily life such as entering a school or even a baseball game, often causing large delays.  Worse off, not all current security measures are stopping these threats before they happen.  

Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) is working on a solution to combat these issues head on through the implementation of its HEXWAVE product. As we move towards the future, it could be potentially lucrative for investors to pay attention to this sector and Liberty Defense (SCAN.V) early on, and you heard it here first!








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Stock Price Thursday Morning Update – May 16, 2019

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Did UPS Drop The Ball? The Biggest Missed Marijuana Industry Opportunity

Marijuana consumption has always been around. But it has always faced public image problems along with its legality. However, as US restrictions on marijuana use become looser, the opportunity for expansion in the industry becomes greater. The combination of convenience and increasing use of marijuana, globally, opens the doors for things like cannabis delivery services. Yet, only a handful of companies are really sinking their teeth into this niche of the marijuana industry and big shippers like UPS & FedEx are dropping the ball. That could mean big opportunities for first movers.

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U.S. Solar Industry Reaches Milestone With 2 Million Installations

The solar installations in the United States have reached a milestone with 2 million solar installations. In fact, the number of solar installations in the United States has officially surpassed 2 million, according to the latest data from Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). It is a breakthrough in the solar industry, as it took almost 40 years to install 1 million panels whereas it took only three years since then to reach 2 million.

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A New Security Technology Has Begun Turning Heads!

With the world up in arms for more control, companies are scrambling to find a solution. This one, newly publi company could have a solution to address a REAL problem for millions of people across the world

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U.S. Solar Industry Reaches Milestone With 2 Million Installations

Joe Samuel



solar energy stocks

The solar installations in the United States have reached a milestone with 2 million solar installations. In fact, the number of solar installations in the United States has officially surpassed 2 million, according to the latest data from Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). It is a breakthrough in the solar industry, as it took almost 40 years to install 1 million panels whereas it took only three years since then to reach 2 million. It is estimated that in the next two years the figure would cross 3 million.

However, according to Wood Mackenzie it should have actually taken two years to reach the 2 million installation figure. The prediction is indeed weird as the installation of the same has been underestimated by most of the market analysts. Thus, growth is noteworthy.  There is a vivid explanation of the reason behind the prediction of Wood Mackenzie. The figures that we are talking about stand for the number of individual arrays – arrays on the roofs of homes which though comprise a minority of installed capacity, do make up the large majority of individual projects.

Challenges For Solar Power

For all its momentum, the U.S. solar market has not been without its challenges. Despite the decade of incessant growth feat, the U.S solar market collapsed in the first quarter of 2017. This was as a result of the decline in the residential solar market stemming from the decline of the SolarCity/Tesla. However, the market gained the drive and returned to the level it reached in late 2016.

There are several factors that constrained the growth according to Wood Mackenzie and SEIA. Tesla has acquired SolarCity and had dumped its door-to-door sales. Instead, it initiated sales through stores and online through websites. This resulted in the collapse in solar installation and Tesla’s market share.

Residential installations dropped 15 percent between 2016 and 2017, with Tesla’s share showing the most extreme decline during that period, dropping from 650 megawatts to 352 megawatts.  There also had been a substandard possession by SunEdison which compelled Vivint Solar to pull back its sales efforts resulting in a collapse in installations. Thus, the only company emerging triumphant was Sunrun thereby making it one of the three biggest U.S. residential solar companies not to pull back from the market.

Trying extremely hard to grow with lower prices, Tesla has managed to gain customers online, thereby setting pressure of its counterparts. Success in gaining more customers, that too at lower costs, shall determine the time frame the industry would require to install its next million systems — and at what price. Largely due to the challenges of customer acquisition cost, Wood Mackenzie predicts residential growth at just 3.3 percent in 2019.

Despite This, Solar Is Starting To Shine

According to the forecast by Wood Mackenzie, the United States will reach 3 million solar installations in 2021, and 4 million in 2023.  “The rapid growth in the solar industry has completely reshaped the energy conversation in this country,” said Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of trade group SEIA. “This $17 billion industry is on track to double again in five years, and we believe that the 2020s will be the decade that solar becomes the dominant new form of energy generation.”

Looking at a bigger picture, the decline in the costs for lithium-ion batteries and a switch to time-of-use rates, the residential solar companies have started making provisions storage systems along with solar systems. This makes storage a prerequisite as one penetrates deep in key markets.

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Did UPS Drop The Ball? The Biggest Missed Marijuana Industry Opportunity

Joe Samuel



Marijuana consumption has always been around. But it has always faced public image problems along with its legality. However, as US restrictions on marijuana use become looser, the opportunity for expansion in the industry becomes greater. The combination of convenience and increasing use of marijuana, globally, opens the doors for things like cannabis delivery services. Yet, only a handful of companies are really sinking their teeth into this niche of the marijuana industry.

The biggest hurdle for a cannabis delivery service stands on the federal legalization of marijuana. While individual states are legalizing the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, it is still considered illegal federally. This is significant because it makes interstate trade extremely difficult to the point where it isn’t worth the risk.

Limited Options For Cannabis Delivery

You cannot get marijuana shipped using USPS as they are a federal agency, nor can you utilize UPS, FedEx, or other private shipping companies. This is due to the Department of Justice looking into previous drug malfeasance in 2014. Additionally, the employees for private services can technically go through packages and either take your illegally transported marijuana or report you for financial incentives.

Marijuana industry giants like Canopy Growth (CGC) and Aurora (ACB), haven’t really focused on developing a delivery service. This is because as legality spreads across the continent, so does the delivery range of marijuana mailings. It may take resources and time to develop a delivery service, but the reward could be unimaginable. Take a look at the restaurant industry. When online delivery blew up, it experienced a growth of 300% compared to dining in according to QSR Magazine.

There Are Delivery Options Available – A Good Opportunity For Investors?

Given the industry, investors should consider that this is a very early stage in this particular niche of delivery. Being that very few public companies are entering the space, it may be hard to find a diverse pool of options. But for early marijuana stock investors, they already know all too well that first-mover advantage could be key to grabbing onto an early trend.

Driven Deliveries (DRVD) is a delivery service company for legal marijuana products. While limited in the areas it can reach, the company has grown its business out across California and has been spreading into Nevada and other states. Controlling the California market is huge given the state has the largest marijuana market in the US. It helps the company prepare for less dense markets once they are able to handle California’s market size. The growth for potential is massive as more states begin to flip to pro-marijuana delivery.

To this end, Driven Deliveries just went into expansion mode. It has successfully launched operations in Nevada with Shango Marijuana Dispensary, one of the most successful stores in the State.  The new endeavor provides Driven with a monumental opportunity to serve Las Vegas, the largest market in the State with massive tourism, and a central launch point for additional markets throughout Nevada.

The Nevada cannabis market has been growing at a rapid pace.  Nevada retailers sold approximately $530 million worth of medical and recreational cannabis in 2018.  The $44.1 million in monthly revenue represents a 35% increase when compared to monthly revenue in 2017. According to New Frontier and Arcview Market Research, annual legal cannabis sales in the state are projected to grow to an estimated $629.5 million by 2020.

Investors are Starving for this Tech

Investors’ appetite for such delivery service companies seems to be insatiable. Take DoorDash for example. The company competes with GrubHub and Uber Eats but recently tripled its valuation in only about 5 months to $4 billion despite not even being profitable.

Moreover, Uber Eats owns about 20% of the market while GrubHub, including Seamless and Eat24, has 52% market share. And even in the face of that steep competition, DoorDash has raised nearly $1 billion overall to date. This should give you an idea of just how hungry investors are for on-demand service companies.

Even Chinese investor and WeChat owner, Tencent, is looking to get involved in the food-technology sector in a big way by contributing a significant piece of a $500-$700 million raise for India’s Swiggy. The investment would value Swiggy at $2.5-$3 billion. Another app called Rappi is a Colombian on-demand delivery startup that recently brought in a new round of funding at a valuation north of $1 billion. How will you play the cannabis delivery stock evolution?

marijuana delivery stocks

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