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Weed Delivery Is En Route

The fact of the matter is that society just doesn’t fear cannabis like they used to, especially after the medical community released information indicating that medicinal cannabis has the potential to be an incredible alternative treatment option. Whereas the question used to be where one could purchase cannabis from, it has now become “how soon can I get pot delivered to my apartment.”  Click here for the full details.

Here’s What You Missed (3/19/19)

Here’s what you missed in the news yesterday. Click Here.

OneWeb Wants Internet In Space, Captain Marvel Not Pleased

You know what? Do you remember that glasses-wearing kid you used to bully back in fifth grade because you didn’t understand multiplication, they did, and you decided the only choice you had was to make them feel small? Well, that kid remembered that every time they looked up into the stars and thought, one day I’m going to change the world for the better. See For Yourself. Click Here.

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