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Biotech has been one of the hottest sectors for the past few years. Much of that is due to the fact that there are many biotech stocks doing highly innovative work.

Even in the present day, it is a sector that has thrown up plenty of winners for investors and hence, it is a sector that should be watched closely in order to decide on an investment. Here is a look at three big biotech stock gainers in the space in 2019.

Biotech Stock To Watch #1: Blueprint Medicines

One of the biggest biotech gainers this year so far has been Blueprint Medicines Corp (NASDAQ:BPMC). BPMC stock price has gained as much as 90% in 2019 so far. Much of the optimism is grounded in fairly positive news with regards to the company’s core business. Blueprint creates targeted therapies for cancer. The company had announced this year that following considerable success in the clinical trials one of its products had filed for a new drug application.

The name of the medicine is avapritinib and it is supposed to stop the growth of tumors. It’s an important development. The reason: for many years such medicine had not been in the market. If it gets approved then it would be a huge achievement for the company.

Biotech Stock To Watch #2: PharmaCyte Biotech

Timing is always important, especially when dealing with the stock market.  What may be more crucial is when we’re talking about the biotech sector. Whether it’s phase trials or things like an investigational new drug designation, events like this could act as catalysts for companies.

Here’s why an open IND is key to PharmaCyte (PMCB) realizing a number of benefits that include:

  • Beginning the formal arrangements required to conduct its clinical trial in LAPC.
  • Working towards the major milestone of enrolling the first patient in its clinical trial.
  • Publishing that the technology behind its LAPC treatment has passed the incredibly difficult FDA screening process and met all of the FDA’s regulatory requirements.
  • Building global exposure of PharmaCyte’s Cell-in-a-Box® technology.
  • Paving the way for the development of treatments for multiple diseases including diabetes and a host of solid tumors. 

But aside from this, timing is so important right now because an approved IND submission would mean clinical trials could begin 30 calendar days from the submission date of the IND!

The best part:  the data obtained to date from the encapsulation parameters of the manufacturing process itself indicate that the encapsulation portion of the process is fault free and reproducible, which is a fundamental requirement of the FDA.

Could those looking at PharmaCyte Biotech (PMCB) at this exact moment be looking at a “right place/right time scenario?”  

Biotech Stock To Watch #3: Array Biopharma

The other biotech stock that has gained as much as Blueprint is that of Array Biopharma Inc (NASDAQ:ARRY). It’s an important factor since Array is also involved in developing targeted cancer treatments. The company’s success lies in its two medicines, Braftovi and Mektovi, which are meant for the treatment of melanoma.

The medicines had been licensed by Novartis. Once the medicines were returned, Array received an excellent acquisition offer from pharma giant Pfizer. The deal is going to see Pfizer shell out $11.1 billion to acquire the company. Following that development, ARRY stock price soared by as much as 75% in June alone. The stock is up a whopping 213% so far in 2019.

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