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The Boring Company Says Bitcoin is an Absolute Musk

Daniel Chase




When describing Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla (TSLA) , SpaceX, and The Boring Company, many would use terms like “eccentric” or “a little out there.” While I recognize Musk’s eccentricity, Musk so much more than simply “out there.” He is an innovative revolutionary with the creativity to manifest tenable change and the bank account to make his ideas a reality. 

When Musk founded The Boring Company in 2016, his primary goal was to mitigate traffic in major cities by creating a network of underground tunnels, allowing for cars to travel both above and below the surface. The Initial Test Tunnel, as its called, is located in Hawthorne, California, and is currently being used for the research and development of The Boring Company’s public transportation projects, “Loop” and “Hyperloop.”

 As the company broke first ground on their tunnel in California, Musk thought of no better time to market the Boring brand. He decided to sell a line of very interesting products emblazoned with the Boring Company logo, the most notable product being the “Not-A-Flamethrower.” Originally retailing for $600, the price has now dropped to $500 per flamethrower with an added twist:

The Boring Company is now accepting Bitcoin (BTCUSD), Ethereum(ETHUSD), Litecoin (LTCUSD), and Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Cash as forms of payment.

Historically, Musk has never openly supported cryptocurrency, though he has had several “flirtations” with the blockchain payment system this year. In February, Musk discovered that several false “Musk” twitter accounts were scamming users into giving away their cryptocurrency. He said that he “literally owned zero cryptocurrencies,” and for crypto owners to be on alert for scammers. After delivering this warning, Musk admitted that he owns .25 Bitcoin (BTCUSD) that a friend sent him a while back. 

So what does The Boring Company’s accepting of cryptocurrency mean for the crypto market? Analysts are suggesting Musk’s move is one of many that will take place as cryptocurrencies are potentially on the verge of a comeback.

The price of Bitcoin (BTCUSD) was unremarkable on Thursday, furthering a relatively consistent downward trend for the world’s largest digital currency. 

  • A single bitcoin (BTCUSD) was down 0.29%, trading at $6,453.14 per coin. 

The value decrease of cryptocurrency has been the new normal over the last few months, but many believe bitcoin’s lull may be finding its end. Madi Greenspan, a senior market analyst at eToro believes that the market is on the precipice of watching bitcoin breakout once more. 

“It’s only a matter of time now. Of course, the flat-line pattern could easily remain for another few months, and that wouldn’t be a bad thing; however, there are signs of excitement boiling underneath the cool price action exterior.”

Mati Greenspan Senior Market Analyst eToro

As for the evidence backing up Greenspan’s curious claims, let’s turn our attention to the rising number of transactions per second. 

For those of us not familiar with how cryptocurrency works, join me for this brief, but informative, aside. All cryptocurrencies use “blockchain” technology, a framework purposed with decentralizing currency and reframing how transactions occur. Blockchain is a digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record infinite exchanges, while also keeping a record of every person a currency changes hands with. 

Imagine a spreadsheet that is shared between a thousand computers. Once you’ve done that, imagine that spreadsheet updating regularly to account for all interactions with the file. 

Boom, blockchain. 

Attaching this technology to cryptocurrency removes the need for traditional banking systems to monitor transactions and a dramatic increase in fiscal transparency, given that all parties can view transaction history for each BitCoin purchased. 

Reverting our attention back to the wise words of Mati Greenspan, transactions per second, between various cryptocurrencies, are increasing, and this serves as a vital barometer for the “scalability of blockchain technology.” Industry experts have been concerned with the ability of blockchain to scale and meet the demands of consumers and creators of new coins alike. 

At the time of the dot-com bubble, Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, observed that investors were slaves to “irrational exuberance” surrounding the industry, and many believe this is the case with cryptocurrencies today. The price of bitcoin has been more erratic than a first-grader full of birthday cake, trading at $20,000 at its height and now selling for less than $7000. 

Many startups have looked into the viability of initial coin offerings (ICO) as a means for tapping into a liquid market without the need for intermediaries and funding their companies. Unlike IPOs, investors do not receive company stock. Rather contributors receive tokens that can be traded on crypto exchanges, according to the Brookings Institution. 

The future of cryptocurrency is dependent on the scalability of blockchain technology to meet the demands of consumers, as well as the commitment of long-term investors to see their investments in coins to the end. If the industry reveres Elon Musk as much as they do, perhaps his adoption of the coin as payment for The Boring Company is an indication that the crypto market is about to trend upwards. 

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Can Apple (AAPL) Stock Price Catch A Boost From AppleTV+?

Daniel Chase



apple stock price AAPL

Apple Inc. (AAPL Stock Report) is growingly shifting its dependence on other categories of products as iPhone sales continue the decline. The biggest bets for the company involve services and at the beginning of the year, they introduced four new services that are Apple News+, The Apple Card, Apple Arcade and the Apple TV+.

Apple TV plus to debut in November

One of the services Apple TV+ subscription is expected to be launched in two months and it is seen as a competitor to streaming platform Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX). For over two years Apple has been planning its entry into the TV subscription space. Early reports indicated that the company was planning to commit over $1 billion on programming to realize the venture.

The company plans to introduce a small collection of shows before expanding its catalog in months to follow. Sources familiar with the matter indicated that there is a possibility a free trial as the company continues to build its library. Apple will employ a different video subscription strategy for its shows with plans of offering the first three episodes of shows then followed by weekly installments.

Tech Stocks That Could Benefit From The Boom In New Streaming Stocks

The “Netflix and Chill” or now “Apple And Chill?” mentality of the new generation of viewers may have created an opportunity for certain niche sectors. One of these niche’s is on-demand delivery stocks. Amazon and Uber have entered the space with a significant focus on timeliness. However, as Uber puts it, UberEats may be the loss leader for the company due to the infrastructure. Furthermore, Amazon may be more insulated due to the sheer size of its core business.

This being said, it’s vital to look at companies that may be smaller, more nimble, and streamlined for potential profitability. In this regard, ParcelPal (PTNYF) (PKG) has been a company that we’ve discussed numerous times in the past. The company targets on-demand delivery of pretty much anything. But what has set it apart from the UberEats and Postmates of the world is their direct integration of cannabis.

Something that is beginning to set ParcelPal (PTNYF) (PKG) apart from its immediate competition is its diversification strategy. Not only is the company working with the likes of Amazon, but it is also entering into key verticals that are seeing an increase in rapid demand. Right now, ParcelPal (PTNYF) (PKG) has built relationships with businesses in both alcohol and cannabis.

We don’t have to go into the deep details of these booming industries, but it is vital to understand that the evolution from brick-and-mortar to on-demand delivery could be setting the stage for a major economic boom.

While consumers are becoming more comfortable with using smartphones and computers to buy groceries, they are also increasingly using the same technology to help them skip trips to the liquor store, according to data from the e-commerce analytics firm, Slice Intelligence. Netflix and Chill just got an upgrade!

Joining the competitive streaming space

Apple joins the growing number of providers offering streaming services such as Netflix, and Inc. (AMZN Stock Report), Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS),Comcast Corp.’s (CMCSA Stock Report) NBCUniversal and AT&T Inc. (T Stock Report). These companies are all targeting the growing number of viewers who are watching on mobile devices or canceling cable TV subscriptions. 

The company has set aside $6 billion of its budget for the rolling out of TV+ subscription’s shows and movies. Apple is spending more money as it attempts to create more to achieve its goal of $50 billion in service sales by next year. The company is seeking new ways of generating revenue as smartphone sales continue to slow down due to market saturation and weak economies. 

Apple has not indicated the pricing of the service but it is expected to be around $9.99 per month. Netflix and Amazon charge $8.99 while Disney+ will charge $6.99 when its service becomes available in November.

apple stock price AAPL
Disclaimer: MIDAM VENTURES LLC has been compensated $75,000 per month by a ParcelPal Technology, Inc. for a period beginning September 1, 2018 and ending February 1, 2019 to publicly disseminate information about (PTNYF/PKG) to publicly disseminate information about (PTNYF/PKG). Midam Ventures has been compensated $100,000 by Parcel Pal and has extended coverage to April 1, 2019. Midam Ventures has been compensated $100,000 by Parcel Pal and has extended coverage to May 1, 2019. Midam Ventures has been compensated $200,000 by Parcel Pal and has extended coverage to June 1, 2019. Midam Ventures has been compensated $200,000 by Parcel Pal and has extended coverage to July 1, 2019. We may buy or sell additional shares of (PTNYF/PKG) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information. We own zero shares. Click Here For Full Disclaimer

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Stock Price Wednesday Morning Update – August 21, 2019

Joe Samuel



biotech stocks to watch

PharmaCyte Biotech to Hold Special Shareholder Meeting

PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. (PMCB), a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing targeted cellular therapies for cancer and diabetes using its signature live-cell encapsulation technology, Cell-in-a-Box®, today announced that it will hold a Special Shareholder Meeting on September 11, 2019.

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Must Read Biotech Stock Report

With a wave of groundbreaking products in the pipeline, biotechnology could be poised to keep churning higher for the foreseeable future. But how can you get in on the ground floor of the next big wave in biotech?

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2 Food Delivery Stocks To Watch Before The End Of Summer

The food delivery industry in the United States has grown into a behemoth and although the margins are extremely thin, investors are willing to bet billions on some of the biggest food delivery companies. At this point in time, companies are fighting among themselves to gain supremacy in this space and competition is heating up as they look to grab market share from each other.

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2 Chinese Stocks Making Bullish Moves

The trade war with the United States and an economic slowdown for the first time in three decades has cratered the markets in China. China-based stocks have generally underperformed over the course of the past year. But even during such a slowdown, some stock prices have been showing bullish tendencies. Here is a look at two such China-based companies that have seen stock prices climb.

See For Yourself

biotech stock to buy 2019

Disclaimer: Pursuant to an agreement between MIDAM VENTURES, LLC and Complete Investment And Management LLC, a Non-affiliate Third Party, Midam was hired for a period from 07/09/2019 – 8/09/2019 to publicly disseminate information about PharmaCyte Biotech including on the Website and other media including Facebook and Twitter. We were paid $150,000 (CASH) for & were paid “0” shares of restricted common shares. We were paid an additional $150,000 (CASH) BY Complete Investment And Management LLC, a Non-affiliate Third Party, AND HAVE EXTENDED coverage for a period from 8/12/2019 – 9/12/2019. We may buy or sell additional shares of PharmaCyte Biotech in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information. Click Here For Full Disclaimer

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2 Chinese Stocks Making Bullish Moves

A. Lawrence



chinese stock prices

The trade war with the United States and an economic slowdown for the first time in three decades has cratered the markets in China. China-based stocks have generally underperformed over the course of the past year. But even during such a slowdown, some stock prices have been showing bullish tendencies. Here is a look at two such China-based companies that have seen stock prices climb.


One of the stocks that recorded significant gains on Monday was that of SINA Corp (SINA Stock Report), the Chinese digital media company. The company announced its quarterly earnings yesterday and results proved to be hugely impressive. The company’s earnings for Q2 2019 stood at an impressive $0.73 per share while total sales rose to $533.1 million. It managed to beat analysts’ expectations of earnings of $0.47 per share and sales of $510.2 million in sales handsomely.

[Read More] 2 Food Delivery Stocks To Watch Before The End Of Summer

That being said, it needs to be pointed out that the company’s sales figures had actually declined by 1% year on year. However, the fact that it managed to beat estimates has proven to be a major trigger for the SINA stock. On Monday, the stock gained as much as 13% and should be in focus for the rest of the week.

Baidu Inc (BIDU)

The other Chinese stock that surged on Monday was that of tech giant Baidu Inc (BIDU Stock Report), which, like SINA, had managed to deliver better than expected earnings. The company had a disappointing Q1 2019 but has managed to bounce back in the second quarter by generating $3.83 billion in revenues and earnings per share of $1.47. The results also managed to beat the projections that the company had provided some months ago.

Considering the fact that the Chinese economy is currently in a slowdown, this is an acceptable earnings results for Baidu and hence the company’s stock rose by as much as 9% yesterday. It would be worthwhile to keep an eye on the stock for the foreseeable future.  

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