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Will Facebook Take Out LinkedIn With It’s New Career e-Learning Portal

Daniel Chase




The young and restless are into some weird fads lately, and I, along with millennials, baby boomers, and millions of other Americans older than sixteen, can’t seem to understand what’s fully going on. The iGen, Gen Z, or simply anyone born between the years of 1995 and 2012, are the first generation to grow up engrossed with smartphones, tablets, and other high-tech gadgets that weren’t around when many of us came into this world. These individuals are the first in human history born with an almost congenital understanding of how to take a selfie. If only their aptitude for technology was equivalent to their follow through on social activism and showing up to vote, maybe the world would be less complicated, but that’s a thought for another time. 

Whereas the last several generations marveled at the creation of social media and all its intricacies, the iGen is a bit particular when it comes to their platform of choice. According to data collected by Origin, a Boston-based market research company, 84% of Facebook’s (FB) users are between the ages of thirty and forty-nine. Yes, millions of millennials and iGen kids use the popular social media platform, but user numbers for Facebook (FB) have dropped off in the last few years. 

Ironically enough, Facebook’s (FB) largest competitor, the popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, was acquired by the company for $1 billion back in 2012. As of 2017, Instagram’s monthly users amounted to roughly 800 million people engaging with the app per month, and at least 500 million use the app on a daily basis, according to Tech Crunch. 

Though Instagram’s success is mutually beneficial for Facebook (FB), the social media giant is looking into other possibilities to revitalize its platform to increase user engagement. Over the course of the last few months, Facebook (FB) has been putting in the groundwork to augment their platform to create a space for working professionals to network, collaborate, and seek out new job opportunities, while simultaneously entering territory previously dominated by sites like LinkedIn (MSFT) and Indeed. 

After offering and securing one million jobs for Facebook (FB) users, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Tuesday that Facebook (FB) will be launching a new education portal, Learn With Facebook (FB), that will create a space for users to share best practices and information regarding a myriad of topics across all industries. “Learn With Facebook” will integrate the two of the platform’s new services, ‘Mentorships’ and ‘Jobs’ to allow for a one-stop-shop for professional networking. 

Fatima Saliu, head of policy marketing at Facebook (FB), says that “Learn with Facebook” and other platform updates are just a few ways the company is looking towards the future and what role their social networking space will play in it all.

“This is the foundation and the beginning. We do intend to build out the content to make sure we are evolving with the market economy and job skills.”

Fatima Saliu, Head of Policy Marketing, Facebook 

Despite the sheen of new services and updates to the user experience, the tech industry still doesn’t fully trust Facebook (FB). Suffering devastating blows from bad press related to user data breaches and evil tag team efforts with foreign entities to jeopardize US political activity, Facebook (FB) is still very much in the doghouse. 

Giving credit to where credit is due, Facebook (FB) is really trying to do everything they can to use their platform for good, instead of accidental evil. The advent of ‘Jobs,’ ‘Mentors,” and now “Learn with Facebook,” demonstrate the company’s yearning to provide its users with resources to help them be successful. Facebook (FB) was founded with the intention of taking the college experience and making it a reality for everyone. Partying and consumption of alcohol aside, Facebook (FB) pioneered the concept of social networking, being able to connect with millions of people around the world for the purpose of making friends, sharing ideas, and creating new and exciting opportunities for the world to share in. 

If Facebook (FB) hopes to replace LinkedIn (MSFT), they have popularity on their side, they just need to earn back the trust of its users as well as the market. 

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Will Biotech Stocks Soar Into 2020?

Joe Samuel



best biotech stocks to trade now

The stock market has been on a wild ride this year and December has shown no difference. When it comes down to it, making money in the stock market is simple. But it isn’t easy; let me explain.

For instance, if a sector is on the upward trajectory then it makes complete sense to have a look at some of the stocks in that arena. But then again, even if the sector is hot, it doesn’t mean every stock within it is.

Regardless, among the sectors that have shown impressive growth over the past few years biotech remains positive. and many investors have managed to make handsome returns. Here is a look at two biotech stocks that are worth considering at this point.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding

The first biotech stock that could be out into the watch list is that of Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp (NASDAQ:TNXP) after the company made an important announcement. Tonix announced that it has been granted a patent by the European Patent Office for “Eutectic Formulations of Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride and Mannitol”.

The patent gives Tonix access to as many as 14 claims and also gives the company exclusive rights up until 2034. The development is a significant one and could have far-reaching implications for Tonix’s business in the years to come.The news was well-received by the markets as well and the stock rallied by as much as 23% on Thursday.

VBI Vaccines

The other stock that could be taken under consideration is the VBI Vaccines Inc (NASDAQ:VBIV). The company made a major announcement with regards to the Phase 1/2A study of its cancer vaccine immunotherapeutic In recurrent glioblastoma (GBM) patients medicine VB1-1901.

The company announced that it presented the data regarding the medicine at the 24th Annual Scientific Meeting and Education Day of the Society for Neuro-Oncology. The event in question is an influential one and is a substantial achievement for VBI. The stock rallied by as much as 50%.

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Stock Price Newsletter – December 13, 2019

Joe Samuel



stock market news

StockPrice Special Report: The $40 Billion Dollar Content Gold Rush

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2 Biotech Stocks To Watch Before Next Week

See For Yourself

Streaming Wars and the Future of Companies Involved

Has The Time Come?

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2 Biotech Stocks To Watch Before Next Week

A. Lawrence




Biotech has been one of the hottest sectors to invest in for quite a few years. Nowadays, investors are almost always on the lookout for the next big thing from among those stocks. However, when it comes to identifying stocks, an investor needs to do his fair share of research and then decide on his next course of action.

Additionally, one could also watch the market closely and keep track of the latest movements in penny stocks in order to identify potential winners. Here is a look at two biotech stocks which could be of interest to investors.

Biotech Stocks To Watch: Marinus Pharmaceuticals

The first biotech stock to bring under consideration is Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:MRNS)  which has made significant gains on Wednesday on the back of an important announcement.

top biotech stocks to buy

On Wednesday, the company announced that it is going to make a simultaneous public offering of its common stock and private placement. The total value of these two offerings is going to be $65 million. The news resulted in a 38% bump in the stock price in yesterday’s trading session.

Earlier this week, the company announced that it has started its Phase 2 trial for its product ganaxolone as well. The medicine in question is supposed to treat tuberous sclerosis complex and it goes without saying that it is a significant milestone for Marinus.

Biotech Stocks To Watch: Diffusion Pharmaceuticals

top biotech stocks to buy now

The other biotech stock that could be worth tracking is that of Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:DFFN). The company announced positive data with regards to the Phase 3 study its product Trans Sodium Crocetinate (TSC) plus standard of care (SOC). The data showed that there was an improvement in the condition of patients suffering from inoperable glioblastoma multiforme.

It proved to be a major trigger for the Diffusion stock and after the announcement was made on Tuesday, the stock has rallied by as much as 31.40%. It is a stock that could be worth watching over the coming days.

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