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There was a time when Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) was the only name that mattered in the video streaming space but all that changed in late 2019 with the emergence of Disney Plus. The video streaming space is quite clearly the next frontier for intense competition and it has already been dubbed the ‘streaming wars’.

Amidst all that, it also presents a lot of opportunities to investors. Therefore, it is important to have a look at entertainment streaming stocks that could prove to be highly reliable. bets. But also keep in mind that it isn’t just the service providers that could offer untapped potential during this billion-dollar industry boom.

Movie Streaming Stocks To Watch: Netflix

The first one to consider is Netflix, which remains the undisputed leader in the sector. That’s despite the emergence of competition and disappointing subscriber growth over the past two quarters. However, it should be borne in mind that the company added as many as 6.77 million net new subscribers in Q3 2019.

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The company has an excellent content library and is determined to spend more on new content this year.  Considering the fact that American consumers are open to paying for more than one service, it is likely that Netflix is going to maintain its dominant position.

Movie Streaming Stocks To Watch: Fearless Films

Not as much as a streaming stock as one that could benefit from the growth of some of the companies mentioned in this article. Fearless Films (FERL) is taking aim at actually providing content for streaming providers. Lead by an experienced team within the entertainment arena, the company has already begun curating new content options.

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Per its last PR, Fearless has agreed to terms with company founder Victor Altomare to acquire full interest in The Great Chameleon film. The film was produced in 2012, with a release in 2013. what’s more is that The Great Chameleon has streaming distribution through Amazon Video (UK) already.

It is also available for rent or purchase on Amazon Video, along with Google Play, iTunes, YouTube, and Microsoft XBox platforms. Imageworks Entertainment International, the agent for the film, recently obtained US distribution via Amazon US. And this is just one of several other prospects Fearless is looking to bring to market.

The company previously entered into a Letter of Intent with Victor Altomare, the Founder and President of Fearless Canada, to acquire the rights to up to twelve movies from a library held by Victor Altomare.

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Movie Streaming Stocks To Watch: Roku                      

ROKU stock price movement

The other high growth stock in the sector has been Roku Inc (NASDAQ:ROKU). The company provides a platform from which customers can access a wide range of streaming services. Analysts believe that since the number of streaming services is rising, it is going to result in more signups for Roku.

At the end of the third quarter, it had 32 million active accounts and that reflected a 36% year on year rise. Over the past 12 months, its stock price has soared by 200% and this is a streaming stock that investors could keep an eye on.

Movie Streaming Stocks To Watch: Walt Disney

Lastly, Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) may have launched its streaming service Disney + only last November but it has already emerged as one of the services to watch out for. The service already proved its credentials when it recorded as many as 10 million signups on the day of its launch and research suggests that the subscriber base may have widened to 25 million now.

The company has started its service and it is already being regarded as a force to be reckoned with. Moreover, Disney posses one of the biggest content libraries on the planet and that would allow the company to compete in the market without spending as much on content as its rivals.

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