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Stock Price Newsletter – June 25, 2019

Joe Samuel



stock price newsletter

4 Security Penny Stocks To Watch

With the Federal Reserve’s meeting coming, the general market is bracing for anything. Meanwhile, penny stocks are continuing to climb at absurd rates. Trading penny stocks as of late has brought many investors fruitful profits and they look to continue this trend. Here are some security penny stocks to watch for the remainder of June 2019

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Two Massive Growth Industries, One Choice for Investors

Two of the fastest growing industries right now in the United States are on-demand technology and cannabis. These two industries are at the epicenter of growth and investors aren’t being shy about their appetite for companies in these arenas. But one company, in particular, has developed a unique business model that services both of these massive growth industries.

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Snapchat (SNAP): Why The Stock is Flying This year?

Snapchat (SNAP – Stock Info) maybe one of the most popular social media platforms in the world but none of that actually reflects in the performance of the company’s stock. The fact that Snap is primarily aimed at a younger demographic has made it one of the most interesting companies among most investors.

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A Growing Need For Security Solutions Puts Sector Stocks On Watch

Joe Samuel



With recent growing concerns in countries abroad, many people around the world are beginning to feel uneasy. From degenerating relationships between the US and China or recent events in the Middle East, one thing is for sure, the world is as dangerous as ever.

security defense stocks to watch

Technological advancements have become the thing to strive for in recent years. This is blatantly evident in the growth of big technology stocks like Amazon. This is where defense companies are failing to adjust which is making room for new defense and security players.

These types of security tech stocks are relatively new and have a large upside that established players do not have. Here are 3 companies looking to make a mark on the defense sector and the world:

Security Solution Stocks To Watch: Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. (LDDFF) (SCAN)

One company re-defining what is means to be safe and secure is Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. (LDDFF) (SCAN). This company has developed a new security technology product known as HEXWAVE. This is an active 3D imaging technology that can detect metallic and non-metallic threats like bombs or guns. Furthermore, the technology does not stop improving, it has AI machine learning capabilities that only enhance the product’s value.

Liberty has put in 5 years of research and development for its HEXWAVE product. On September 25th, the company finally announced that it had completed its HEXWAVE prototype. These 5 years are leading up to real-life application testing for the product.

This is why Liberty has been extremely active in perusing partnerships with stadiums, airports, parks, etc. to test its product. The amount of potential testing locations is large thanks to HEXWAVE being able to operate indoors and outdoors.

[RECENT NEWS] Liberty Defense (SCAN) (LDDFF) Signs University of Wisconsin to Test HEXWAVE

Since the announcement of the prototype, more collaborations and partnerships have been formed to test HEXWAVE. Liberty plans on testing it at Canadas largest airport, Toronto Pearson International and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. These new testing sites will provide new situations for the product and will demonstrate its ability to handle large numbers of people.

Security Solution Stocks To Watch: Patriot One Technologies Inc. (PTOTF) (PAT)

Another company looking to change the security sector’s landscape is Patriot One Technologies Inc. (PTOTF) (PAT). This company develops security solutions to address the growing problem of active threats. To do this, Patriot One developed its PATSCAN technology product. PATSCAN is a weapon detection solution and is the first cost-effective solution for active shooter prevention.

The company recently gave investors insight into the company’s developments in its latest corporate update. In the last quarter, Patriot One partnered with Johnson Controls International, acquired XTRACT Technologies Inc., and appointed Robert Harward Jr to its Senior Advisory Board. Not included in that list was Patriot’s selection to be used in Bleutech Park LV, a Smart City project.

Security Solution Stocks To Watch: Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. (KTOS)

Not every new company is changing defense through weapons detection. Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. (KTOS) develops unmanned systems, satellite communications, cybersecurity, missile defense, and combat systems. Through these programs, the company has put itself in front of the Department of Defense’s Third Offset Strategy.

Kratos Defense has been extremely on fire these past 2 weeks. Here is just a taste of what the company has been doing. Kratos received a $3.3 million contract to produce 10 jet target drone aircraft and received another $3.6 million for a contract extension.

In addition, the company received another $2 million to support its C5ISR combat system program. In terms of product development, Kratos’ XQ-58A Valkyrie completed Flight 3 and received 100% of test points.

security solution stocks to buy

Disclaimer: Pursuant to an agreement between MIDAM VENTURES, LLC and Liberty Defense Holdings Inc. Midam was hired for a period from 06/1/2019 – 9/30/2019NOW EXTENDED TO 10/31/2019 to publicly disseminate information about Liberty Defense Holdings Inc. including on the Website and other media including Facebook and Twitter. We were paid $250,000 (CASH) for & were paid “0” shares of restricted common shares. We may buy or sell additional shares of Liberty Defense Holdings Inc. in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, provide public dissemination of favorable Information. For previous compensation see our FULL DISCLAIMER HERE

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Stock Price Newsletter – 10-21-2019

Joe Samuel



Are These Companies On Your Stocks To Watch List This Week?

The biotechnology sector has been on a mini-bull run this month. In fact, for the 7th consecutive trading day on Friday, the Biotech ETF – IBB- made yet another new high during that period. I’m not talking about all-time highs or 52-week highs. I’m talking about the fact that for 7 straight trading sessions, the IBB booked a higher high than its previous session. Will That Continue Today?

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Netflix (NFLX) Stock Price Soars On Robust Q3 Earnings: What’s Next?

Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) is quite impressed with its third-quarter earnings. The unveiled report indicates a 7% rise in the pre-market session. This time around, it was a case scenario of mixed results. What could this mean for Netflix in the future?

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1 Biotech Stock is Positioning Itself for Success

Biotech has always been one of the best performing sectors in the market. A number of penny stocks, as well as NASDAQ / NYSE, listed biotech stocks have produced life-changing returns because of their treatments and opportunities. For this reason 1 Biotech Stock remains in Focus.

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Are These Companies On Your Stocks To Watch List This Week?

Joe Samuel



The biotechnology sector has been on a mini-bull run this month. In fact, for the 7th consecutive trading day on Friday, the Biotech ETF – IBB- made yet another new high during that period. I’m not talking about all-time highs or 52-week highs. I’m talking about the fact that for 7 straight trading sessions, the IBB booked a higher high than its previous session.

best biotechnology stocks to buy now

So what could this mean for the sector? Obviously today (10-21) will dictate the initial pace for the new week. However, thanks to this common trend, it can be suggested that biotech is in a mini-bull rally. Given that, people are starting to turn their heads toward the sector and healthcare as a whole. In addition to that, small caps have been in their own micro-rally during this same period.

If you look at the Russell 2000 Small-Cap ETF – IWM – you’ll notice a similar uptick. Given this information, here’s a look at 3 small-cap biotech companies that may warrant a closer look after recent developments.


Biotech Stock To Watch #1: GT Biopharma Inc. (GTBP)

For most of October, GT Biopharma (GTBP) has been in a relatively consistent uptrend. Starting on October 4, GTBP stock has managed to jump from $0.125 to highs of $0.1995 last week. Shares closed the week at $0.16 on October 18. So what’s happened with GT Biopharma this month?

The company may have benefited from the attention being placed on companies with targeted therapies. Specifically, GT Biopharma (GTBP) announced that Tim Schacker, M.D., Jeffrey S. Miller, M.D., and their colleagues at the University of Minnesota presented data during a poster session. The presentation was held at the 18th meeting of the Society for Natural Immunity in Luxembourg discussing their design of an HIV-TriKE™ containing an antigen-binding fragment from a broadly neutralizing antibody targeting the HIV-Env protein. 

But it wasn’t just a presentation alone; GT Biopharma’s results could be something raising eyebrows and here’s why. Despite the use of anti-retroviral drugs, infected individuals retain reservoirs of latent HIV-infected cells that, upon cessation of antiretroviral drug therapy, can reactivate and re-establish an active HIV infection.

However, Research findings from Dr. Schacker’s and Dr. Miller’s laboratories show enhanced NK cell cytokine production and the killing of infected targets expressing HIV-Env when incubated with the HIV-TriKE™. Since the publication of these results, GTBP has been in this previously mentioned uptrend. Can it continue this week?

GT Biopharma GTBP


Biotech Stock To Watch #2: Sienna Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (SNNA)

Second, on this list of biotech stocks, Sienna Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (SNNA) has found a more bullish trend to close out last week. This clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company recently announced that it has filed a Premarket Notification 510(k) submission to the FDA. This was for its SNA-001, a topical pre-treatment to standard laser devices to remove unwanted light hair. Sienna has also received an acknowledgement from FDA that the submission has been accepted. 

Why is this important to know?  The purpose of the 510(k) notification is to allow for commercial use of SNA-001, in conjunction with an 810 nm Diode laser, for the removal of unwanted white, gray, blonde, light red and light brown hair in women or men. According to the company, people with white, gray, blonde and red hair, for whom lasers are ineffective, have generally been limited to using waxing and razors to remove their unwanted light hair.

sienna biopharmaceuticals SNNA


Biotech Stock To Watch #3: Aevi Genomic Medicine, Inc. (GNMX)

The third small-cap biotech stock on this list is Aevi Genomic Medicine, Inc. (GNMX). Late Friday, shares of this biotech penny stock saw a second surge that triggered a bullish close to finish the week.  The company focuses on genomic medicine to translate genetic discoveries into novel therapies.  Last week was a pivotal week for the company.

Aeci Genomic GNMX

Aevi announced that the Nasdaq Hearings Panel has agreed to the transfer of the Company’s shares to the Nasdaq Capital Market. On top of that, it granted the Company until February 3, 2020, to gain and evidence compliance of the Nasdaq Capital Market continued listing requirements.

In order to meet the Nasdaq Capital Market continued listing requirements, the Company must demonstrate a closing bid price of at least $1.00 for 10 prior consecutive trading days and both publicly announce and inform the Nasdaq Hearings Panel that the Company has stockholders’ equity greater than $2.5 million on or before February 3, 2020.  Will Friday’s trend continue this week?

top biotechnology stocks to watch today

Pursuant to an agreement between Midam Ventures LLC and GT Biopharma (GTBP), Midam has been paid $100,000 for a period from October 1, 2019, to November 15, 2019. We may buy or sell additional shares of GT Biopharma (GTBP) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, to provide public dissemination of favorable Information about GT Biopharma (GTBP). Click Here For Full Disclaimer.

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