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Are New Delivery Partnerships Attracting Investors To On-Demand Stocks?

Companies are expanding into additional verticals…and these deal could be flying under the radar right now. It’s true that new markets are difficult to enter, especially if it is a brand new way of doing business, such as the on-demand economy. But unlike the Ubers and Postmates in their early years, some companies have taken a different approach & that could mean big opportunity!

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Why Could Now Be The Time To Watch Security Stocks?

On an almost daily basis, news coverage shows us that we are living constantly at risk. The U.S Justice Department defines a “mass casualty event” as any occurrence of a mass shooting, bombing, or other crime resulting in multiple fatalities. In 2019, there have already been over 80 US mass shootings[1]. On top of this, we’ve already witnessed more than 2,400 of these incidents since 2013…With government security spending jumping in 2019, is now the time to pay attention to security stocks?

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Revolve IPO: Important Points To Consider

Another e-commerce retailer’s shares are now up for grab with Revolve going public. Revolve Group Inc. is gearing up for its plan to get listed in the NYSE by the ticker symbol ‘RVLV’. The California based company plans on raising $211.7 million USD by offering 11.8 million shares at the price range of $16 – $18 per share.

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Delivery Tech IPO’s Spark New Interest For Investors: Here’s What You Should Know

This year has proven to be the year of important initial public offerings and many more are in the pipeline. Another highly interesting IPO that is in the works is that of American delivery startup Postmates. The company is expected to go public later this year.

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