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For many years, social networking platform Twitter Inc (TWTR Stock Report) had struggled to make reasonable profits. This was in spite of it being hugely popular. However, all that changed recently after the company managed to swing into profit and proved that it was on the right path. The latest recognizable trend has been a shift to a more mobile-friendly platform.

With such a shift, would it be safe to assume that more web-users are accessing real-time information on their phones as opposed to desktops lately? Needless to say, this move and Twitter’s latest activity could point to new attention on mobile-based technology companies.

On-Demand Delivery Takes A Step Toward Mobile

When it comes to the “archaic” methods of accessing the web, today’s users are leaning more toward mobile apps. And delivery is one of these. Of course, you can now find ways to ship and receive goods straight from your phone. But what about getting things “on-demand”?

Take a look at apps like Uber Eats (UBER), GrubHub (GRUB) or Postmates. Besides the 3rd on that list, most of the companies handling delivery only focus on food. Postmates (still private) allows users to access ways to order something from a retail store and have it delivered within a span of minutes or hours. But are there any other public delivery stocks to watch?

ParcelPal Technology (PKG) (PTNYF) has found new opportunities not only with food and product delivery but also with product delivery as well. There’s even ways (in Canada) to get cannabis delivery too. ParcelPal (PKG) (PTNYF) created an on-demand marketplace where customers can shop for anything from food to clothes. There is no more waiting in line for lunch or rushing to the store after work to grab your clothes. With ParcelPal on-demand, customers simply shop from the app, choose the items they want, and pay.

As the marijuana industry evolves, new opportunities have come about. One of the bigger deals closed in 2019 was between ParcelPal (PTNYF) (PKG) and Yield Growth! The deals forms an alliance between the two companies for same-day and on-demand delivery, sale, of hemp-based cosmetics from Yield Growth’s subsidiary Urban Juve in Canada.

The New Market Reach Could Be Unparalleled

Urban Juve hemp products are currently sold in over 90 locations including well known pharmacy chains across North America, with a plan to expand that to 130 retail outlets in the near future.

Customers will be able to track their purchase in real-time and have their product delivered to any location they specify. As time and regulations allow, ParcelPal’s cannabis network will continue to grow, with the goal of capturing a major piece of Canada’s $5.2 B legal cannabis market.

Can Twitter’s Earnings Surprise Fuel More Growth For Mobile Tech?

On July 26, the company announced its Q2 2019 financial results, which proved to be quite impressive and the stock rose by as much as 9% afterward. However, experts believe that there could be more upside to the stock as it is still probably undervalued by the market. The company’s focus on dealing with harassment on the platform seems to have paid off and in addition to that, it has taken numerous other steps to ensure that it becomes a social platform of choice for many individuals.

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Now, Twitter is trying to leverage its real edge in live tracking of important events and make it the platform to go to for such events. To that end, it has tied up with NBC to cover the Olympics that is going to take place next year in Tokyo and experts believe it could prove to be a game-changer for the company. Over the past quarters, the company has generated growth of an average of 15% and hence, its projection of 12% growth in Q3 this year could prove to be a disappointment for many investors.

However, it needs to be reiterated that the company is working on its advertising format as well and trying to make it much easier for its clients to start campaigns. The company is investing in long term growth and is also in the process of phasing out certain old advertising tools that it had offered in the past. The full-year growth guidance has been pegged at 20%. The company is currently generating free cash flow to the tune of $1 billion a year and the Q2 2019 performance demonstrated that the company is on the path of more future growth.

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